Our Story

Once upon a time, I was a new mom in the throes of child-rearing. I needed a creative outlet for myself, and my darling husband got me a $25 gift certificate to Bramble Berry. I quickly went shopping for fun soap-making supplies to get started. I think he hoped it would perk me up and give me a fun activity to do. As it turned out, he gave me the start of a new business!

Fast-forward to right now. Lion & Rose is growing and thriving, creating beautiful hand-crafted soaps and natural deodorant for customers across the country. That $25 gift certificate changed everything.

Not quite your grandmother’s soap!

At Lion & Rose, we make our bars using the cold-process soap making technique typical in earlier generations. But to marry the vintage with the modern, we made one key change. In those days, soap makers relied on animal lard as one of their ingredients. Most families lived on their farms or homesteads and couldn’t afford to waste any part of an animal. 

Today, we have other options for our ingredients, so Lion & Rose uses only plant-based materials in our soaps and deodorants. With high-quality ingredients like olive oil, Shea butter, and essential oils, your skin will be in the lap of luxury.

Where science meets art

My journey into soap making brought more science into my life than I anticipated. I never thought I’d have a job that required me to know about sodium hydroxide and superfats. But the blessing is that this business also lets me create something beautiful! As excellent as the soaps are for your skin, they are equally good for my artistic soul. I love each opportunity to make a new batch of soaps. From the careful marbling to the unique hand sculpting, my process is full of love and passion.

Growing in this journey

When I first started Lion & Rose, I could make eight bars of soap at a time. Now I can make 85 bars in one batch! I have to work quickly with this number, but it’s exciting and rewarding to see how much I have grown along with my business. And in a nod to the vintage roots of soap making, I work right in my laundry room to create our products. It’s not fancy, but it gives me the space I need without having to be gone from my family. From the moment I start a new batch of soap batter until the bars are cured a month later, I work with enthusiasm and joy. The smells, the textures, and the beautiful finished products make me happier than I could have ever imagined.

Not just a soap maker

After becoming a soap maker, I became acutely aware of other other health and beauty products and the ingredients used to make them. I became a more conscious consumer, choosing to select products made with natural ingredients rather than opting for the cheaper, more toxic versions. This path led me to taking on a new adventure; formulating a safe and effective natural deodorant! 

After countless months of testing various recipes, I landed on a formula that was effective for odor control, smelled amazing and used 100% natural ingredients. My 100% natural deodorant was launched in 2016, and has been a strong seller, beloved by many for its effectiveness, and is the perfect accompaniment to my soap line. 

So, once upon a time, I needed a new hobby. Now, thanks to that $25 gift certificate, I am enjoying my very own happily ever after with Lion & Rose. It’s a dream come true.

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