About the Lion and Rose Family


My Family is what Lion and Rose is all about! They support and encourage me,
give me drive and inspiration and provide me the passion to keep my dreams alive.
I make soap that they use, so it has to be the best, because they mean everything to me. 

Me and my amazingly supportive Husband, Joe.

Joe's love of homebrewing inspired me to make Northwest Beer Soap.
We use his homebrew, which is the tastiest around. 

Leo, my smart, charismatic, funny boy. He's a great soap seller too!
Check out his soap creation, Leo's Lion Heart! 

Somerset, my creative Soap Designer and muse. 
She is smart, funny and spunky!

Love Spell was designed by Somerset, based on the color scheme
of Twilight Sparkle, one of her favorite My Little Pony characters.

Rosalie, the baby, all around cute and sweet! We all are in love!

Her favorite soap is Baby's Bar!


I started Lion and Rose in 2011 in Beaverton, OR, a suburb of Portland. 

What began as a hobby, quickly became an obsession. Having gotten a degree in Graphic Design, and subsequently working in Marketing and Communications for years, I knew that the 2-dimensional world of print left something to be desired. I decided to get my hands dirty, or should I say clean, and take my soaps to the local market place. Making soap provided a creative outlet, and once I got started, I couldn't stop. Making beautiful soaps, that left my skin feeling supple and soft, became my passion, and subsequently, Lion and Rose was born. 

I fell in love 4 times. First with Joe, who I married in 2004, next with our first born son, Leo in 2008, followed by our 2 daughters, Somerset Rose (2010), and Rosalie Jane (2014). My company was named after my children. Leo, is my Lion and my girls, are my roses. They inspire me daily, and help me with the business, as does my amazing and supportive husband Joe, who collaborates in the creation of our top selling beer soap.

Joe, worked the farmer's markets for me when I stayed home with our newborn Rosalie. He hyped me and the soaps and I am ever so grateful for his encouragement and support in my business endeavors. Leo works the farmer's market booth and charms shoppers with his wit and confidence. Somerset, my creative muse, dreams up color combinations for new soaps (check out Love Spell, a Somerset inspired creation). Rosalie, my sweet soul, has attended many bazaars with me, content in her carrier. drawing in customers with her beautiful smile. 

As a stay-at-home mom, I have loved every minute of my soap making career. I make soap in small batches and each batch is made with love, pride and passion. I adore making soap, and it is my hope and desire that you enjoy using it. My soaps will make you smile!


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