Business Goals for 2015

Posted by Shelly Morris on

With the new year comes inspiration! This is the year of learning every morsel I can about business. I have so many goals for the new year:1. Join the Indie Business Network and learn everything I can from Donna Maria. I love her podcast that has taught me so much about running a handcrafted business. Donna Marie is a new hero of mine.2. Read as many business book as I can. I have started with Anne Marie's Business E-book from Bramble Berry, and Lela Barker's book, 155 Words you Need to Know. Anne Marie is still my business hero. I plan to read every business book...

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How Soap Changed my World

Posted by Michelle Morris on

It seems funny that something as simple as soap could change my world, but it has. I started this glorious adventure as a soap maker after my second child, Somerset was born. I needed a creative outlet. After the first batch was made, I was hooked. Obsessed. Unstoppable.  I researched like a mad woman. I checked out every book I could from the library, watched YouTube videos like they were the latest Downton Abbey, and eventually took a class before I made my first batch solo. I was unfettered by the countless mistakes and botched batches that came with the territory...

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