We craft handmade soap bars + all-natural deodorants with utmost care and love.
At Lion & Rose we use only plant-based materials in our soaps and deodorants.
With high-quality ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and essential oils, your skin will be in the lap of luxury.
My hope is that these products help provide more joy, serenity and peace to your everyday life.

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Our customers love us

I wish I could give Lion & Rose Handmade Soap 5,000+ stars!!! I met Shelly (owner and soap maker of Lion & Rose) many years ago at a holiday bazaar. She never tried to push me into buying her products but she told me she actually used her soaps on her young children. I thought, "What a sincere testimony! She trusts her own products on her kids!!" I am always very careful about the products I use because of my very sensitive skin. But at the time I thought I would give Shelly's soaps a try since she said she used them on her own kids. Well, ever since that holiday bazaar many years ago, I have been using Lion & Rose handmade soaps and I use them in my shower daily. The soaps perk me up in the morning and they are my daily therapy after a long day at work and with the kids. I buy Lion & Rose handmade soaps now to gift my friends and families (local, out of state, and even overseas) and everyone loves them!! What a great way to support a local business! In addition to her soaps, Shelly also makes deodorants. Her deodorants are all natural, great for sensitive skin, and work perfectly all day long even for teenagers!! I highly recommend Lion & Rose Handmade Soap and Natural Deodorant for all!!!
Vinny C
I have looked high and low for natural deodorants that smell nice and really work! The natural deodorant is fantastic, even after a workout. I also keep a bag of the amazing handsoap on hand at our house. Great gifts. Great scents to have in your bathroom. Truly delightful products!
Tricia Thompson
My whole family loves Lion & Rose soap!! Smells wonderful, looks so pretty, and I can trust that only the best ingredients are used. So safe and gentle even on my children’s skin. And, these soaps make the best gifts!
Nicole W.
The quality of the ingredients used to make these products is excellent, and the soap itself is a work of art! The soap looks and smells beautiful, and really creates a nice ambiance. The owner has an excellent work ethic, and goes above and beyond to assist her customers. Highly recommended!
Tiffany K.
The deodorant is phenomenal! I have a farm, and thus get sweaty dirty all the time, but my armpits remain delightful. 10 outta 10, do highly recommend.
Beautiful soaps that smell lovely and feel luxurious. The deodorant is honestly the best I’ve ever used, definitely better than any commercial brand and I feel good that it’s safe and natural. Absolutely love these products!
Rhiannon W.
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